Swafford Learner Assessment & Program Evaluation

  • Each participant is required to complete this evaluation tool to assess the effectiveness of his/her participation in the conference.
  • Indicate your level of achievement for each learner objective by circling the appropriate descriptor on the rating scale provided. Excellent = 5, Good = 4, Adequate = 3, Fair = 2, Poor = 1.
1. Basics of EKG and Related Lead Angles:
Identify different rhythm patterns in different EKG lead angles.
2. Cardiac Arrhythmias and Myocardial Infarcts:
Review and identify cardiac rhythms as associated with myocardial infarcts.
3. Hypothermic effects on EKG and Other EKG Anomalies:
Identify EKG patterns associated with hypothermia and other external factors.
4. Saturday Question, Answer and Discussion of Presentations:
Examine specific aspects of today's presentations as requested by the learners with moderated audience input and participation.
1. Rate Bert Swafford’s effectiveness in presenting the material.
2. Were the teaching methods effective?
3. Did the physical facilities facilitate learning?
4. Was the content related to the objectives?
5. Were your personal learning objectives met?